GBM Manufacturing Inc. is a world renowned manufacture of glass mosaics, tiles, and stones, with a global footprint and products that are revered for their quality, ingenuity, and artistic composition. Over the past decade GBM has quickly grown to become a leading supplier of glass tile in the United States and Canada, working closely with distributors and retailers to bring only the most exceptional products to market.

We live and breathe tile, and this passion is reflected in everything we produce. We're privileged to work with over 40 designers worldwide who understand the latest needs and standards of commercial and residential tile buyers.

Our goal at GBM has always been to deliver the highest levels of service, convenience, and reliability to our vendors; and because we're deeply involved and bought in at every phase of the production, packing, international shipping, distribution, and purchasing cycles, we're able to meet the demands of our partners with agility and expertise that's second to none.

We look forward to the ongoing service and commitment to our customers.
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